May 23 ~ May 25, 2019 Seoul Dongdaemun Design Plaza(DDP)


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Thur., May 23


Fri., May 24


Sat., May 25

Main Event Hall Int'l Con-ference Hall Consulting Hall Main Event Hall Int'l Con-ference Hall Consulting Hall Main Event Hall Int'l Con-ference Hall
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1. Fintech Booths

Company representatives from each area of the Fintech industry will offer hands-on experience and run promotional events.

2. Finance Booths

Financial companies will showcase their innovative Fintech services.

Experience Sessions

Mobile Stamp Tour, Fintech 3D Studio


Opening Ceremony & Keynotes
(Main Event Hall)

Career Fair

Global Cases on
Sandbox Practices



Finance Education Program for Adult Novices: A Wise Use of Fintech

Finance Education Program for Seniors: Bridging the Digital Divide


Best Fintech Cases
(Main Event Hall)

12:00~13:00 Networking Break

Global Expansion for Fintech Firms

Fintech Company Investment Day


Fintech Pitch Contest

Fintech and 4th Industry Revolution

Mentoring for Students


Fintech Live Quiz Show

Finance Education Program for Kids: Advances in Fintech Experience

15:00~16:00 Networking Break Networking Break Networking Break


Financial Investment Industry and Fintech

Global Business Meeting

Fintech Awards

Prize Draws


Regtech & Suptech Showcases

Fintech and Financial Policy Trend


Networking Reception


Programs that are not open or accessible to the general public are as follows: Opening Ceremony & Keynotes, Fintech Company Investment Day, Global Business Meeting, and Networking Reception.

The following programs will be open for online registration on the pre-registration page only after signing up for the programs in advance: Global Expansion for Fintech Firms, Regtech & Suptech Showcases, Mentoring, and Fintech Education Program for Kids.

The schedule is subject to change without any notice.

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Period of Retention and Use of Personal Information
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Person responsible for the management of personal information
· In order to protect personal information and address complaints related to personal information, the KFW 2019 will appoint the responsible department and point of contact, as seen below.

· Department : Korea Fintech Week 2019 Secretariat
· Person-in-charge : Sang Kyung Lee, Section Chief
· Tel. : 02-2152-5044
· E-mail :

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