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Korea Growth Investment Corporation (K-Growth) Main Technology
Main Technology & Service
  • Fintech Innovation Fund Fintech Innovation Fund is launched to invest in innovative Fintech start-ups through its fund and direct investment platform. Managed by K-Growth and funded by almost all prime banking partners (KB, NH, Shinhan, Woori, Hana, BNK, DGB, KDB, IBK, D.CAMP and KOSCOM), the fund invests in tech start-ups solving real-world problems in financial industry. With a solid partnership with our banking partners, we are in a unique position to boost your business in Fintech field and help you unlock further growth potentials. Having K-Growth as your investor, you will benefit not only from the opportunity to collaborate with our partners but also from our extensive VC network in your future financing rounds.
  • Our portfolio & Pitch to our banking partners Puzzle Data (https://www.puzzledata.com/) Puzzle Data is a process mining-oriented data science company dedicated to accelerating process innovation by defining the actual process map and improving its monitoring system. ProDiscovery, its process mining solution, is the first of its kind in Asia and recognized as the world's most powerful technology that can truly innovate the existing process analyzing tools. The company has obtained a number of successful references from top-tiered clients and is leading the enterprise process innovation industry. With its core technology equipped with machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to further analyze the process after discovery, the company wishes to establish more partnership with clients in finance service, online gaming, healthcare, and e-commerce industry while focusing more on improving process automation opportunities.
  • Our portfolio & Pitch to our banking partners MUSICOW (https://www.musicow.com/?lang=en) MUSICOW is the world’s first music IP sharing platform, enabling individuals to own copyrights of their favorite songs and receives the portion of cash flow stemmed from the royalties. The company purchases music copyrights from creators and divides them into smaller pieces, so that the pieces can be purchased in its platform through auctioning process. Users can trade such purchased copyrights with other users within the MUSICOW’s own trading platform. MUSICOW wishes to introduce copyright assets to individual and institutional investors as an attractive alternative investment opportunity. The company also believes it can offer a mutually beneficial service with legacy financial institutions or Fintech platforms, collaborating through dual-targeted marketing or point sharing promotion. Further, it aims to introduce its service to global K-pop fans or expand its asset base to other cultural IPs such as webtoon or internet novel.
  • Our portfolio & Pitch to our banking partners AIZEN (http://www.aizenglobal.com/) AIZEN is building AI-financial modules to automate the decision-making process across the entire value chains in banking, retail payment, and insurance industry. With its proprietary automated machine learning platform called ABACUS, it offers several AI-powered solutions primarily for the financial service sector. The company has obtained a number of use cases in digitalization projects with major financial institutions, and it now intends to launch AI "Banking-as-a-Service” solution in Southeast Asia. Serving as an intermediate facilitator between B2C platforms and legacy banks, the new service is designed to allow companies to launch banking services faster, boost customer retention, and diversify their revenue streams through its APIs. It can also help banks reach broader customer base without spending high marketing or IT costs.
  • Our portfolio & Pitch to our banking partners ICONLOOP (https://www.iconloop.com/en/) ICONLOOP is a blockchain-specialized tech company providing blockchain solutions to B2B partners. Based on its self-developed blockchain core engine, Loopchain, ICONLOOP has launched a number of commercialized blockchain services, including MyID (mobile ID), VisitMe (visitor qualification/authentication), and Broof (digital certificate issuance). As the first blockchain startup designated as a regulatory sandbox, the company's 'MyID Alliance' has become the only identification platform in Korea that can be used in the overall financial sector with the exceptional case designation by Financial Services Commission. MyID Alliance currently has 62 institutional partners in various industries including commercial banks, security firms, e-commerce, and manufacturing companies. Having secured all necessary qualifications to offer complete DID (Decentralized IDentification) service, ICONLOOP intends to grow into a reliable personal authentication and data sharing platform by engaging in further partnerships with partners of Fintech Innovation Fund.
  • Our portfolio & Pitch to our banking partners FOUNT (https://fount.co/) FOUNT offers AI-powered robo-advisory service that allows investors to build and manage their portfolios based on its machine-learning backed global asset allocation strategy. Investors can set up and fund an account whenever they want and be provided with investment advice on portfolio re-balancing and allocation, available asset classes, and daily performance. On top of its B2C application managing over USD 5 million assets of individuals, FOUNT has also launched an personal pension service that allows subscribers to manage their portfolio through the automated solution mutually provided by its B2B partners. The AUM of such assets managed by FOUNT solution will exceed USD 1 billion as of end 2020, and the company wishes to expand the client base further by engaging in active partnership with strategic partners of Fintech Innovation Fund.
  • Our portfolio & Pitch to our banking partners Rabbit Finance (https://rabbitfinance.com/en/) Rabbit Finance is Thailand's fastest growing financial decision platform. With a client base of over 50 financial institutions, it aggregates an extensive range of insurance products such as car and life insurance as well as banking products such as credit cards and loans. The platform provides a comparison service of those financial products and enables customers to experience end-to-end journey within its platform. Moreover, backed by its strategic investors such as BTS and VGI Group, the company is managing 6 million unique user profiles which will enable it to perform a more accurate media targeting. Rabbit Finance aims to provide white-labeled financial products to its customers by leveraging its brand awareness and competitive advantages in data processing capacity. The company looks forward to cooperating with Korean banks, insurance companies, credit card companies, and high-tech startups who are willing to enter into Thai market. By applying the knowhow that has helped grow many financial partners in the past 4 years, the company is confident that the partnership shall create a firm footprint in micro-financing.
Terms and Conditions
1. Purpose
The purpose of the terms and conditions is to define the condition and procedure of service use, matters for rights and duties between Fintech Support Center and the users, and other necessary matters for Fintech HanMaDang Service operated by Fintech Support Service.

2. Effect and Change of the Terms and Conditions
① The contents of the terms and conditions may be updated at any time without a separate notice. Users may check the latest terms and conditions at any time at Fintech Support Center. ② The terms and conditions take effect by notifying Fintech Support Center. In the event that a user does not agree to the changed terms and conditions, the user can cancel his/her membership from Fintech Support Center. In the event that the user continues using the service, it is considered that the user agrees to the changed terms and conditions.

3. Regulations other than the Terms and Conditions
Matters not prescribed in the terms and conditions comply with relevant laws.

4. Definition of Term(s)
① Service refers to all information (fintech consultation information, fintech policy information, fintech exchange information, fintech marketing information, fintech open platform, news/reference center, community, etc.) provided by the Fintech Support Center.
② Member is a business member who has registered his/her company information and an individual who has provided personal information and registered for a membership. It refers to a subject who can use all services provided by Fintech Support Center.
③ Non-member refers to an individual who uses the services provided by Fintech Support Center without registering for a membership.
④Users refer to a member and a non-member who receive services provided by Fintech Support Center.

5. Membership registration
① When a user applies for membership, it is effective by filling in the member information per the form set by Fintech Support Center and expressing intention to agree to the terms and conditions.
② User who applies for membership as per Line ① above and does not fall into any of following clauses is recognized as a member by Fintech Support Center.
-In the event of false application
-In the event of duplicate application
-In the event of applying for the purpose of hindering public order or morals
-In the event that it is judged that the terms and conditions are violated or there is a significant obstacle to the operation of Fintech Support Center
-In the event that managers of Fintech Support Center find it (them) necessary

6. Change of member information
In the event that the personal information entered at the time of membership registration is changed, the member may directly edit it online or ask the administrator to correct it. In this case, the member is responsible for any problems caused by unchanged information.

7. Withdrawal and cancellation of membership
① In the event that a user wishes to withdraw his/her membership, the user must apply through the membership withdrawal procedure of Fintech Support Center or apply by telephone or email.
② In the event that any of the following reasons arises to a member, Fintech Support Center may cancel his/her membership registration without prior notice.
-In the event that someone else's member ID and password are stolen
-In the event of an act that may harm or cause harm to others
-In the event of planning or executing an act that interferes with public order or morals such as promoting speculative behavior, posting vulgar and pornographic materials
-In the event of using improper methods and damaging other’s information that is processed, stored, or transmitted by the information and communication network, and behaviors of collecting, storing, stealing or exposing other’s personal information
-In the event of sending unnecessary or unauthorized advertisements, promotional items, junk mail, or spam mail
-In the event transmitting advertising email against the recipient's intention to decline
-In the event of an act that is prohibited by relevant laws or an act that violates the terms and conditions
-In the event that managers of Fintech Support Center find it (them) necessary

8. Service Hours
① The service hours that are not directly supported by the administrator can be used throughout the year (24 hours a day) unless there is a special difficulty involving business or technology. However, the service may be suspended due to natural disasters, system checkup, etc.
② In principle, the service directly provided by the manager is the working hours of Fintech Support Center.

9. Restrictions and suspension of service provision
Fintech Support Center may limit or suspend part or all of service provision for following events. Fintech Support Center is not responsible for any problems caused by suspension of the service.
-In the event of force majeure such as natural disaster, national emergency or change in government budget, or the possibility of occurrence of such
-In the event of service facility repair, construction or failure
-In the event that there is a problem of service use due to rapid increase of service use
-In the event of that a telecommunication service provider has suspended the telecommunication service
-In the event that managers of Fintech Support Center find it (them) necessary

10. Change of service and member service
① The content of the service for the users is determined by the policy of Fintech Support Center and it is subject for change(s) or suspension.
② In principle, Fintech Support Center provides all information and services free of charge to all users who comply with the terms and conditions. However, some services are only provided to members who have registered for membership.
-Rights to post (write) : The bulletin board operated by Fintech Support Center only allows its members to post and inquire.
-My Page : It is a service that enables a user to store information that he/she needs to keep separately among the information provided by Fintech Support Center.

11. Advertisement
① Fintech Support Center may post advertisements on the service screen, website, email, etc. regarding the operation of the service and provision of information.
② Participating in advertiser’s marketing activity(s) or conducting a transaction is entirely a matter of between the user and the advertiser. Therefore, even if a problem arises between the user and the advertiser, the user and the advertiser must resolve the issue themselves, and Fintech Support Center is not responsible for any of the problem at all.

12. Contents
① If a use has any question(s) regarding the accuracy, stability, or quality of the contents, please contact the content creator yourself. Fintech Support Center is not responsible for the accuracy, safety, etc. of the contents.
② User holds the right and responsibility for the content posted by the user.
③ Fintech Support Center reserves the right to edit and move the contents posted by the user within Fintech Support Center without prior notice, and the Center can use the user's content for non-commercial purposes.
④ For the following events, contents can be deleted without prior notice.
-In the event that it contains content that harms or may harm others
-In the event of posting posts that are deemed illegal, obscene, or vulgar
-In the event that content slanders other user(s) or a third party or damages reputation
-In the event that the content violates public order and morals
-In the event that the content is deemed to be related to a criminal act
-In the event that the content infringes on other rights such as copyrights of third party(s)
-In the event that the content is prohibited by the relevant laws or it is an act violating the terms and conditions of the service
-In the event that it is deemed necessary by managers of Fintech Support Center such as the content contains other inappropriate content

13. Link
Fintech Support Center may provide links of third party’s websites or materials.
Since Fintech Support Center does not have control over such sites and materials, the Center is not responsible for the content, advertisements, products, etc. of the linked sites and materials, unless there is a special reason that can be considered as deliberate or gross negligence.

14. User's obligations
① User must comply with the relevant laws, provisions of the terms and conditions, notices of use and precaution on the service, and other provisions notified by Fintech Support Center. User shall not engage in any acts that interfere with the work of Fintech Support Center.
② User may not use the information obtained by using the service by copying, duplicating, editing, translating, publishing, broadcasting or other methods without prior consent of Fintech Support Center or providing it to others.
③ User must maintain the security of his/her ID and password under his/her own responsibility, and is fully responsible for all the results arise from using his/her ID and password. If a problem occurs such as the use of his/her ID or password without the user’s approval, the user shall immediately report it to Fintech Support Center. Moreover, assigned ID and password cannot be resold or transferred to others.
④ When registering for a membership to use the service, the user must provide complete information aligns with the up-to-date facts, and the user shall immediately update if any changes occur to the completed information.
⑤ User cannot conduct business activities using the information and services provided by Fintech Support Center.

15. Duty(s) of Fintech Support Center
① Fintech Support Center always strives to ensure that users experience stable services.
② Fintech Support Center complies with laws and regulations relevant to the operation and maintenance of services such as Laws regarding Promotion of Information and Communication Use, the Framework Act on Telecommunications, and etc.

16. Protection of Personal Information
① Fintech Support Center only uses the member's information for the purpose of operating or improving Fintech Support Center.
② The member information acquired by Fintech Support Center will not be disclosed to third party(s) without the consent of the member.
③ Fintech Support Center handles users' personal information very importantly.

17. Disclosure of Personal Information
Fintech Support Center may provide personal information such as the user's name and email address, to third party(s) for the following events.
-In the event that a user violates the relevant laws as he/she is using the service and is requested to provide information by an investigative agency or other government agency
-In the event that it is necessary for information protection works such as user’s violation of the laws, the terms and conditions, and etc.
-In the event that it is required by other laws

18. Disclaimer
① Fintech Support Center is not responsible for the event that user is not receiving profit that he/she had anticipated for, or any gains or losses arise from the selection or use of service materials from Fintech Support Center’s service provision.
② Fintech Support Center is not responsible for any difficulty(s) to the use of Fintech Support Center due to reasons caused by the user.
③ Fintech Support Center is not responsible for the content posted or transmitted by users to the Fintech Support Center.
④ Fintech Support Center is not responsible for any problems arise from product transactions, financial transactions, etc., between users or between a user and third party(s) in the means of services by Fintech Support Center.

19. Jurisdiction (Competent Court)
In the event that a lawsuit is filed against a dispute arises from the service use, the court of jurisdiction over the location of Fintech Support Center shall be the competent court.
Privacy Policy
Guidance regarding collection and use of personal information

[Purpose of collection and use of personal information]
Fintech Support Center processes personal information for the following purposes. Processed personal information will not be used for purposes other than the following. If the purpose of use is changed, the company will take necessary measures, such as obtaining separate consent pursuant to Article 18 of Personal Information Protection Act.

[Website membership registration and management]
The company processes personal information for the purpose of prevention of illegal use of the service, customer complaint handling, delivery of announcement, and individual verification in regards to identification, verification, maintenance/management of membership, limited individual verification system.

[Collected items of personal information]
Fintech Support Center collects the following minimum personal information for membership registration and provision of various services.

-Required fields : Name, ID, password, mobile number, email address
-Optional fields : telephone number, fax number

Website address that a user passes through to visit Fintech Support Center, web browser type and OS of the user, the IP address, cookies, service usage records, visit history, etc.

[Personal Information Processing and Usage Period]
In principle, Fintech Support Center destroys personal information when it becomes unnecessary such as the expiration of the storage period and the achievement of the purpose of collection and use of personal information. However, the information may not be destroyed in the event that it must be preserved pursuant to other laws and regulations. When it becomes unnecessary, the company destroys the personal information immediately.
-Membership Information: Immediate destruction after membership cancellation, 2-year period of re-agreement

[Content of consent and disadvantages]
User holds the right to decline to consent to personal information collected by Fintech Support Center. When a user declines to consent, the services provided by Fintech Support Center are limited.